Math 8 is an educational mobile app that provides learning math through talking with Leon character!


is a math genius and wants to be your doubleYou avatar!

Math program

with hundreds of tests and thousands of questions.

Talking bubbles

assessing progress of math skills with customized or in-app tests over iMessage.

Scoring & Challenges

to reward skills improvements with certificates.

is a space traveler

His mission is to improve the math skills of his new friends!

To do so Leon speaks human languages and understands some human topics.


  • Leon

    He travels the Universe to meet new people.
    He loves humans and wants to improve their skills.

  • High skills in math but not just math

    Space travel has allowed him to be a math genius!
    He knows a lot about planet Earth and its history too.

  • Leon needs you to talk

    He listens to you by extending his ears.
    It's possible to communicate using the keyboard.

  • An encouraging friend

    Never unavailable or tired of listening to you!
    Always focused on his mission.
    He doesn't like bad words and he loves compliments.

Leon travels everywhere on Earth

For exercises he visits famous places on Earth with you. He can also visit you wherever you are.



You can talk with him or write to him. Poking or trickling him will get a surprising reaction!

Depending on what he has to say, he speaks at a different speed.

He'll be happy or sad depending on what you say or do.

He counts hearts when you're nice and can zap you if he's not happy!

with lessons and exercises

designed by specialists

There are 48 chapters.

For each one there is a math lesson and related exercises.

If a mistake is made Leon will help by giving you a hint.

Use your Voice!

  • Learning program

    Covers one year of third grade math.
    Lets you learn at your own pace.
    Past lessons are reviewed throughout the program.

  • Hundreds of exercises available

    Focus on basic math skills.
    Thousands of questions grouped
    by theme (Times tables, mental math,
    equations, math problems).

  • Hundreds of lessons and quizzes

    For each lesson, there are several related exercises.
    Exercises take place in famous places on Earth.
    A bonus quiz about the current location asks
    questions about history, geography and the environment.

Access the content you want using the MATH 8 menu

Lessons, exercises, locations and quizzes are sorted by educational themes.

Create your own tests and quizzes from the MATH 8 menu

Many customized settings are available.

Free passes let you skip difficult questions.

To get free passes, you have to find and catch stars in Virtual or Augmented reality!

As a tool for parents and teachers

Math 8 is the first iOS app that provides interactive talking in iMessage bubbles!

Lessons, exercises and quizzes can be sent as iMessages from the app.

Leon will report the results in the conversation thread.

Leon will speak out loud from the iMessage app, and you must say the answer.



iMessage app lets Leon send animated vocal messages to friends.

Emotion, scenery, and 3D animation settings are available.

to get math challenges

Each level includes exercises with different levels of difficulty (Response time, topic, free passes...).


  • Digits & Numbers
  • Units & Currency
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Doubles & Halves
  • Even & Odd Numbers
Bronze certificate
  • Multiplying by Multiples of Ten
  • Dividing by Multiples of Ten
  • 0 to 999,999 numbers
  • Multiplying by 2 Digit Numbers
  • Dividing by 2 Digit Numbers
  • Years Months Days & Hours
Silver certificate
  • Decimal Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Cross Multiplying
  • Unequal Division
  • Deposit & Installment
  • Price Comparison
Gold certificate

A leaderboard shows total points won in practice exercises.

When you obtain enough points, you will get each medal.


7% left

56% left

Bonus points let you move up the ranking in the Apple Game Center.

Quizzes ask questions about the famous locations visited during exercises. The questions include history, geography and environment.



  • South America & Incan Temple
  • North Pole & Ice Sea
  • Pacific Ocean & Corals Reefs
  • Europe & Prehistoric Caves
  • North Africa & Pyramids
  • North America & Canyons
  • Atlantic Ocean & Islands
  • Asia & Japanese Gardens
  • Central America & Aztec City

is available from start screen or MATH 8 menu.

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