Without Any Disclosure Of Your Private Data

L&J SAS is fully committed to protecting its user's privacy.

The WKids apps do not require any user personal data. They can only transmit information concerning the usage of these apps for statistical analysis and apps improvement. This information is securely transmitted and anonymously stored on our servers (your IP address will never be stored), and will never be sold or transferred to any other party.

WKids apps use the Apple (c) SIRI speech recognition service and do not keep any information generated by the recognition process. This information is only used to allow interactive scenario sequencing.

All speech vocalized by our WKids apps has been created by authors and scriptwriters who have contributed to the overall creation of these apps. All content has been thoroughly validated by special committees (education, teaching skills, psychology), and are locally stored on the user device.

The "Math 8" app content (lessons, exercises, quizzes, sounds, pictures...) is fully stored on the user device. All content may be run locally without any requirement for network connection (using "keyboard" or "silent" mode). As with speech recognition all information coming from the keyboard will only be used to allow interactive scenario sequencing.

Quizzes and exercises generated by the "Math 8" app will be securely transferred and stored anonymously on our server in order to be redirected to contacts listed in the "iMessage" app.
This information will never be sold or transferred to any other party without prior user consent.

WKids apps content is upgraded on every new release.

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