Helps You Learn While Having Fun

doubleYou avatars delivers a One-to-One relationship with humans using mobile devices, through speech dialogs and emotions.

The WKids project focuses on funny and lovables characters that provide education content including math, history, geography and foreign language materials using conversation.

The educational project focuses on mobile apps & games using Artificial Intelligence, voice interaction, animated messaging, Virtual & Augmented Reality technology.

Learning with doubleYou avatars means learning with a friendly and encouraging character.

Your doubleYou Avatar is a Friend who can Deliver Messages


    Leon is the first of many!
    He speaks out loud.
    He understands natural language.
    He travels everywhere through messaging.


    Gameplay adapted to speech dialogue.
    Focused on affective relationships.


    Designed for Voice interaction gameplay.
    Doesn't require looking at the screen.

  • APPS

    Designed based on learning standards.
    Fully available off-line.
    Respects your privacy.

We believe in the power of voice associated with emotions to encourage education all around the World.


Math 8 is the first educational mobile app that explores learning math using natural language processing and machine learning!

More info about Math 8 app

Download Math 8 Lite app for free on App Store

Download complete Math 8 program and updates on App Store for $19.99


We are developping a set of learning apps for kids, parents and teachers using standard speech technology combined with advanced natural language software agents and VR/AR experiences.

WKids Math 8 is available on the Apple Store for iOS devices with iOS 11.3 and up (iPhone 5S and iPad Air).
App supports iMessage and Game Center (c) Apple technology.

Family sharing

To share the app with your whole family for free, Math 8 is compliant with (c) Apple family sharing.

Augmented Reality

This feature allows you to see the characters in the real world through the video camera of your iOS device and is available from iPhone SE, 6S and iPad Pro.

All collected data are anonymous and used only to improve apps and user experience. You can rest assured that we don't use any personal information because we don't acquire any.

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We have built years of expertise in the development of mobile applications and internet hosting technology.


We are a team with a passion for technology and educative multimedia content.

Rethinking Vocal Interactions Since 2012

doubleYou project is supported by the French Ministry of Economy and funded by BPI France (Public Bank of Investment).

  • Innovative technology

    We imagine new concepts and make them real. We are experts in software development, multimedia and machine learning. We provide 2D/3D and video characters, 3D animations, video movies or audio design. All our app contents are copyright (c) L&J SAS - Paris.

  • Parterships

    We use third parties technology in our apps, such as Google and Apple speech and multimedia APIs. We use government standards such as the common core to design some of the quizzes and exercises for our WKids apps.